The Best Hammer Drills For Every Type of Job

There are many types of tasks that need tools to get the job done.
These tasks can range from construction to home improvement to appliance repair.

One tool that is universal in all of these tasks is a hammer drill.

No job too tough

Dewalt Hammer Drills

Dewalt manufactures professional grade power tools of the highest quality that get the job done. Dewalt Hammer Drills are built hard and used hard. They are what professionals call when they need heavy machinery to prepare for foundations and other potentially difficult to get to areas. When you need an efficient job site tool that makes short work of demanding materials than look no further than Dewalt!

Makita XPH12Z
Put your trust in Makita

Makita Hammer Drills

Makita’s hammer drills are remarkably powerful and even have the ability to drive nails, unlike other brands. Not only are these hammer drills powerful, but they are also of the quality that we all expect from Makita products, meaning that you can trust that these drills will get the job done. If you’re going to be drilling concrete, you’ll need a hammer drill as it can drill into concrete quickly and with great precision.

Hitachi KC18DG4L
The best of the best

Hitachi Hammer Drills

The best part about a Hitachi Hammer Drill is that it is designed to handle any job that you throw at it. Whether you’re sheeting a roof or cutting stone on your property, this drill will get the job done flawlessly. It can even be used for things like installing new cabinets or laying out bricks.

Do it your way

Bosch Hammer Drills

Bosch offers an assortment of power tools for the professional or residential user alike. One product in particular, their hammer drills, are designed for heavy duty use. These drills are perfect for drilling holes to anchor anchors into concrete. Demolition contractors, contractors, and framers use these drills every day to install anchors in concrete. The Bosch hammer drill is easy to use and offers a variety of speeds for various drilling applications.

A powerful way to break through any type of building surface to finish your project quickly. Our tool’s slim line design ensures its quick and easy to get into tight space. This durable and dependable tool will shred through concrete of any size and will have you completing that project in less than no time!