20v Lithium Batteries

Thanks to lithium batteries, we can use our tools and equipment more comfortably and efficiently. Lithium batteries give us the power we need. Using battery tools does not mean it will be used for simple tasks like before. Now lithium batteries offer us some very important advantages we didn’t have before, making our job easier.

Why use 20v Lithium Batteries?

  • Lithium batteries are smaller than other types.
    But being smaller and lighter doesn’t mean it has a shorter life.
  • On the contrary, this type of battery lasts approximately twice as long as one of the old cadmium batteries.
  • The number of cycles that can last one of these batteries is approximately 2 thousand cycles.
  • This is approximately because there are many factors that can affect the life of a battery.
  • But for you to have an idea the old batteries could last about a thousand cycles.
  • A cycle is when a battery is fully charged and fully discharged. That counts as a cycle.
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Dewalt 20v Lithium Batteries

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