Dewalt Cable Cutting and Crimping

Designed for use with all makes and models of cutting torches, the Dewalt Cable Cutting and Crimping system makes quick work of cutting cables for flush or surface installation. It’s quick to set up and easy to use. Once you’re set up, start crimping wires quickly without roughing them up by using our specially designed spring loading fingers to secure them in place while you work.
Dewalt Heavy Duty Cable Cutting And Crimping Tool – DWHT17201A. The Dewalt heavy-duty cable cutter and crimper helps you cut through a variety of wires. It includes an extra fine blade that is great for cutting smaller diameter wires, as well as indentations on the front so you can get to those difficult to reach places, such as under the trunk of your car or inside a desk drawer. This tool’s double-drum construction ensures that it can handle the most hard-to-reach jobs, while its single bevel blade allows for easy edges on both sides of your wire and
Dewalt DCK355 10-Inch Self-Guiding Cable Cutter is the perfect tool for cutting and crimping cables. This cable cutter includes a blade, spring loaded handle, ratcheting mechanism with auto-return stop, and easy to read LCD display screen.
The DEWALT DCS Heavy Duty Cable Cutter and Crimper is a must-have tool in any workshop or garage. It features an easy to adjust crimp depth lever, giving you accurate and repeatable crimping depth every time. The rotatable handle also makes it easier to get at the crimp area making it easier than ever to cut cables of all sizes with maximum precision.
DEWALT tool comes with a premium cable crimping tool, allowing you to easily and safely cut, crimp or remove small-diameter cables. Dewalt’s patented wire-stripping tool is designed to fit in the palm of your hand between index finger and thumb allowing you to quickly strip insulation from your cables without having to stop your work.
Dewalt is the leader in corded electric power tools. Their tools deliver power and performance every time. The new DCP 455 Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge Max Cord Cable Cutter, Stripper, and Crimper features a rugged design that ensures it will be able to handle any project you put it to. It works with various cable sizes up to 5mm thick and has a high speed blade that cut right through 10 gauge wire like butter. This tool offers a range of benefits including: Maximum durability – this cord cutter set features durable parts which will withstand heavy use and long periods of time without charging; Easy to
The Dewalt DCM550S2 20-Count 2-Lug Accessory Kit provides the tools to work on/around electrical and construction equipment as well as home appliances. The kit includes a variety of crimping and cutting tools such as: lighted tool, 3/8″ bits, 5/32″ bits, ½” sockets and ratchet wrenches in both universal & metric sizes. Each tool is designed for repeated use in different applications saving time and money when working on jobs from home or office. These versatile tools are also useful for automotive repairs, building projects, camping gear repair, motorhome maintenance