Dewalt Cutout Tools

The Dewalt Cutout Tools are a set of hand tools that make quick work of cutting out models. A must have item for anyone who works with plastic. The set includes 3 cutouts and their respective handles, an allen wrench for adjusting the depth of the cutout, a spade bit to make precise cuts in hard to reach places, a saw for creating larger areas needing trimming, and two templates (one round and one flat) that can be used to ensure accuracy when cutting out your model.
The Dewalt DW9174 12-Inch Cutout Tool is the perfect on-the-job tool. It’s compact yet strong, with an extended reach of 16 inches. The unique blade clamp system lets you adjust the knife for nail or bailing work right at your work surface. The ergonomic comfort grip adds to its durability and long life while in use. This tool offers you superior performance along with reliable service over a long time. After all, what’s better than a great tool? A great tool that lasts for years and years. That’s why we’ve designed our DW9174 cutout tool with
Inspired by the manufacturer’s popular Dual Action Cutting System, this two-in-one tool from Dewalt is great for cutting both straight and curved lines. It has an extra-long 20-inch blade and corded dual-action electric motor with a variable speed control that lets you choose a precise speed for your job. Like all Cutout Tools, the included blade is removable so you can change it out for a new one when it happens to dull.
Dewalt’s Cutout Tool is a handheld tool that makes cutting out shapes for hand sawing faster and easier.
Check out our selection of innovative and fun item for sale at ToolBarn! This Dewalt tool is known as a “cutout” which allows the rapid creation of multiple designs from one solid piece. The unique design will allow you to make your own custom furniture or produce stunning intricate designs in wood, plastic, metal or any other material!
DEWALT DWS472K 4-Piece Cutout Bit Set. A multitasking tool with small cutouts perfect for mobile woodworking applications, and larger cutouts that are ideal for framing, molding, trim work and more.
DEWALT 9-Inch Heavy Duty Utility Knife | Cutout Tool – Gray No. 1012A – This hard plastic tool allows you to fully extend a blade that is up to 3/8 of an inch in thickness and slot into grooves to create a crease or fold. It also creates a slot that is 1/16″ wide and can be used as a saw blade. It is designed with durable steel,