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DeWalt 2012 Lasers & Instruments
Our Lasers & Tools are engineered to perform. Each is tested, quality-controlled and ready to make your jobs easier, whether you’re building a fence or cutting sheet metal. Engineered with durability, versatility and durability in mind, our Lasers & Instruments give you the performance you need with the comfort you desire. It’s what we’re all about. And it’s just another reason why Dewalt customers love us so much!
The DEWALT lasers and instruments have been designed, engineered and manufactured in the US to Dewalt specifications. These systems are built with your needs in mind and come equipped with the features you want.
Dewalt delivers the most powerful line of line lasers and laser instruments, driven by innovation in both design and building. Whether you’re an end user or a professional technician, we have a purpose-built laser tool to help you perform at your very best. Our products deliver performance that makes a difference in the workplace, whether cutting metal or cutting costs on production floor.
Dewalt is a household name in power tools and with the addition to their own line of Lasers, Dewalt has become an industry leader in the quality laser instruments market. The features that make lasers such as these exceptional include:
The next generation of lasers from Dewalt is on the horizon. This is the DEWALT DGL365LX/01 Compact Laser-Based Bore Sighter, a handheld unit that enables you to sight your rifle barrels quickly and easily without the need for external tools or additional equipment. When it’s time to make those first few shots at the range, you want all of them to be accurate. The DEWALT DGL365LX/01 Compact Laser-Based Bore Sighter will get you there fast so that you can concentrate on putting down game rather than worry about aiming.
Dewalt introduces the 300-watt, DDL604SXP 616 laser barcode scanner. This self-contained system includes the ruggedly built, calibration-ready, 60-minute battery; a 4″ x 4″ aluminum base with integrated guide rail; two 4% transmission windows; and a lithium ion battery pack. The system’s built-in LED work light provides illumination when scanning in dark environments during setup and operation. It will scan virtually all 2D barcode types including QR codes. Scan, identify and email barcodes with no additional software required!