Dewalt Rotary & Demolition Hammers

The new Dewalt Rotary & Demolition Hammers are built for the toughest demolition job where power and performance are needed.
The Dewalt Rotary & Demolition Hammers are designed for demolition, industrial and professional applications.hammer heads are removable and the entire tool can be disassembled for storage. The Dewalt Rotary Hammer has a handle which rotates forward for faster impact work. This tool is ideal for knocking things down, hard to reach places, demolishing buildings, and repairing construction sites.
Dewalt Rotary Hammer models have been the best seller for years. The most popular model is the DCS241K2 which is a two pound hammer with a rubber grip, 7″ long head with a quick change end and a heavy duty nylon case. The compact Demolition Hammer is well suited for demolition jobs inside and outside of buildings as well as jobs requiring less striking force than the DCS241. These tools have been around since 1949 when they were first manufactured by DW Automotive Tools (Detroit Michigan).
The demolition hammer will quickly get a task done and then be put away so you can work safely. The power hammer has adjustable swing weight (the force applied to the anvil) to accommodate a wide range of demolition tasks and is great for breaking up concrete, asphalt, brick and masonry, among other things. Its impact is similar to hitting a concrete block with a sledgehammer at head level . This series of Dewalt rotary hammers feature variable speed and on-tool lights that help illuminate your task. Also included are impact-absorbing rubberized grips
The Dewalt DCH371 demolition hammer is a portable, cordless impact hammer that delivers faster speeds and higher energy efficiency. The rotary action offers controlled power and the shock-absorbing handle delivers a smooth, comfortable experience with every strike.
Dewalt offers a wide range of demolition hammers, which can be used in a lot of construction and demolition tasks. This includes: Demolition hammers Drills Saws Impact wrenches Pocket Hole jigs Other woodworking tools
Dewalt has been one of the top brands in the construction industry for over 50 years. With an impressive range of cordless drills and impact wrenches, there is sure to be something within your requirements or budget. These compact rotary hammers are used by demolition teams to break up concrete and rocks on site, making them essential equipment for builders, home owners and contractors alike.’