Dewalt Saws

Dewalt Saws are renowned for their durability and performance, and are built to last. The innovative design of the DW735K reciprocating saw is one of its most striking features, with a durable 1-inch blade featuring an integrated starter hook to assist cutting through materials such as metal, plastic or wood.
DEWALT 18V MAX P owedriod Saws are engineered to be rugged, powerful and long lasting. They are engineered with advances in battery technology, wattHour meters to monitor battery life and a two-speed ​brushless motor that provides maximum durability for any job.

Dewalt tools are designed to last. Our saws offer quality craftsmanship and durability you can count on. We’re the trusted brand for professional contractors who appreciate the reliability of our innovative products. And when it comes down to durability, power, or ease of use – we have something for everyone.

Dewalt is the leading brand of power tools, and this collection of saws include many features that will help you achieve your goals. Starting with the D26180K (20-inch) and D26199K (19-inch), these portable saws have a compact design perfect for furniture building, as well as other DIY projects. Both models come with a riving knife, which helps minimize kickback so you can better control these tools in crucial situations. The D26180K also includes an LED light on the end of the sliding rail so you can clearly see what it’s cutting. Our D29
Dewalt brand has a long history of innovative products and tools designed for the do-it-yourself (DIY) market. With features like the quick-change blade feature, mobile base system, and sturdy housing, the DW758S Compact Table Saw is ideal for anyone looking to work on their own projects at home.

For more information about this saw click here Dewalt has been the leader in power tools for over 70 years. It started as a manufacturer of hand saws and has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

DEWALTÏ 18-Volt XR Brushless 4-Inch Slide Adapter Kit includes (2) pneumatic-driven 4″ stroke saws, and (1) dust collection adapter with a rigid dust collection tube. The kit works with both corded and cordless tools and provides maximum cutting performance right from the start. It features an adjustable stand for optimal viewing, and an integrated tool-free blade retention system that allows for fast, convenient blade changes.